Our Vision

We want Jacksonville Heights Baptist Church to grow. We will pray for the growth of this church numerically, spiritually, financially and in the influence she has in this community. We believe God has placed us here, as a church, to have a dynamic spiritual impact for Christ, in the lives of those around us. We support the work of God in the life of our pastor and in the lives of our other leaders. We will pray for all of our leaders and encourage them as they equip us for the work of ministry. We have a will to work and to walk by faith. We will support the ministry and work of this church with our regular tithes and offerings. We believe God is giving us a clear vision to complete the work on the sanctuary and to maintain and upgrade the current facilities and campus. We will work to establish one clear design plan and cost guideline for the completion of the sanctuary. We trust God to provide and coordinate volunteers for the work, and to provide the resources necessary to buy materials and pay skilled craftsmen and builders. We believe goals and timelines are essential in communicating the urgency and progress in completing every stage of the vision God is giving us. We believe unity is critical, if we are to see God’s vision become a reality. We will protect the unity of the body of Christ by refusing to gossip, by refusing to undermine decisions we make as a body, and by praying for one another on a regular basis. We will welcome new members into this work, encourage them in their growth as disciples of our Lord, and support them as they take their place along side us in every area of service and church life. We believe this work is the will of God and, as such, it will be completed for the sole purpose of rendering Him glory and honor and praise.

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